Historic statements after the eighth fast

június 26, 2021

Karl Wagner- Gerda Zauner (Porsche 911): I still have trouble with the ignition, I feel like only five cylinders are going. We may not be able to keep our second place. The quality of the last special stage deteriorated, much better in the first lap. The last fast section does not lay well to the car. We go further and try to get the best out of it.

Lucio Da Zanche-Matteo Nobili (Porsche Carrera SC RS): The second lap was much better with these tires. The last fast is more for the four-wheel drive Audis, we can’t perform as they do. Luckily we don’t have a technical problem, but we still have to go through the last lap.

“Zippo” -Denis Piceno (Audi Quattro): We got a 20-second penalty because we were out of service. We were able to carve some of that out on the fast, I feel we did well. There is a lot of application and dust on the last fast, here the four-wheel drive is an advantage for us, and for Ville as well. We have repaired the shift lever “at home”, luckily it still sticks. I love this race, we can go on all stages, dusty, slippery, wide and tight.

Ville Silvasti-Risto Pietilainen (Audi Quattro A2): I’m starting to get to know the car, it went better in the second lap. Due to bad luck in the morning, we slipped off the podium, but we are ready for the third lap!

Vojtech Stajf-Vladimir Zelinka (Opel Kadett C GT / E): We put medium-mixed tires on the second lap. I made a mistake with the hard tires in the first stage, now we are still trying to improve on the last three fast ones.