The racers said after the test

június 25, 2021

Ranga Laszlo: “The new Peugeot will now face it’s first live test. The others are really strong. We will need a couple of stages in order to familiarize ourselves with the car. I have previously raced with Budai Marcsi, we have a very good connection. However, it has been some time since we stood on the start. I would like to enjoy the race, and reach a good result at Árpádtető.”


Turán Frigyes: “I like the Mecsek Rallye, this is where my career started. I have raced in the mountains and I have very good memories of this place. The others are very strong, everybody shares the same objective of winning, and we will be doing our best to reach it. In testing we have tried several new setups in the car, I believe we will have good runs.”


Szauer Gergő: “After several tries of the test I felt that the car is ready, we have the correct setup. We are eager to race, these special stages are sure to provide a great experience for us.”


Csomós Mixi: „I really enjoy the car! I believe we have prepared appropriately mechanically and individually. We have not raced here before, but I see the track suits us. We should be among the top five, but I would not like to get too excited and lose control! The stages seem really well set and we expect to face a very challenging race.”