The Historic field has started – Zippo leads

június 25, 2021

The 54th Mecsek Rally officially started, the first racing cars rolled over the start podium set up in Széchenyi Square. The Historic field appeared in Pécs with the highest number of employees so far, 46 pairs of competitors started today.

After the start ceremony, they headed for Pécsvárad, having to complete the 18.15 km speed twice at the end of the day. The weather made a big joke of the field, after the scorching heat, heavy rain and ice poured on the Pécsvárad section.

Already in the first special stage, the riders reached the finish line with huge time differences. The stage was completed the fastest by the Italian duo Zippo – Denis Piceno, pocketing a 13.1 second lead over the Italian double Lucio Da Zanche – Matteo Nobili. Karl Wagner and Gerda Zauner came in third with a lead of more than 30 seconds.

The fastest Hungarian was Ferenc Wirtmann and József Kerekes, their 12: 29.7 minute time was enough for the absolute fifth place.