Ranga Memory

június 25, 2021

The Hungarian champion László Ranga passed away 20 years ago, leaving behind a heritage that must be cherished! That is why the idea was born in the mind of Tibor Markó to evoke the spirit of the champion to start the Ranga-Büki-Subaru trio again at the Mecsek Rally. The crew, Péter Ranga and Ernő Büki, said yes to the performance without thinking, and Tibor Markó got a Subaru dressed in the classic red-white-green “MOL” dress.

Tibor Markó: “I am very glad that the plan was implemented and after 1997 the Ranga-Bük duo will start again at the Mecsek Rally. I think we can remember this champion worthily! Thanks to Dani Fischer and Boti Csányi, without them this plan would not have been possible! ”
Péter Ranga: “Many thanks to Tibó Markó, Dani Fischer and Boti Csányi for their help! It’s a really heartwarming feeling for me, my family, and I also hope viewers to remember Father in this way. It will be an uplifting feeling to race with Subaru and Ernő! ”
Ernő Büki: “It is a great honor for Tibi to contact and invite me to the 54th Mecsek Rally. I immediately and gladly said yes to the request and I will be happy to complete the assignments. The car is reminiscent of the old days, it will feel good to sit in it again. ”

László Ranga was born and lived in Pécs, he started his rally career with the Pécs Volán. He is a six-time Hungarian champion, of which he won four championship titles by navigating Ernő Büki. He finished active racing in 1998 due to his incurable illness, but continued to work as a team leader for a while. László Ranga passed away on June 16, 2001.