Fire ban – watch out for the Mecsek Mountains!

június 25, 2021

Precipitation-free weather and the first heat wave of the year dried up the bottom layer of the forests and the risk of corona fires also increased significantly, with an increased fire risk in the forests throughout the country. The national fire ban came into force on Thursday (06.24). The National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih) draws the attention of the population to the need for extreme caution, as 99 percent of forest fires in Hungary are caused by human error.

Precipitation-free weather and the first heat wave of the year have dried up the bottom layer of forests, which can lead to the formation of surprisingly fast-spreading surface fires and, as a result, crown fires developing in minutes. Thousands of tons of forest biomass can ignite, and the green areas of our environment can become black, sooty tree trunks and white ash.

During the time of the fire ban, it is forbidden to light a fire in the forests and afforestations located on the outskirts of the properties, as well as in their 200-meter radius, also in the designated, built-in fire sites.

Please do not throw cigarette butts anywhere, use the ashtray. Tiny burning cops of cigarette butts thought to be extinguished are responsible for the destruction of many forests.

Nébih draws the public’s attention to the fact that it is extremely important to comply with the restrictive regulations in the areas covered by the fire ban, which can be read in more detail in this article:éma

You can find more information about the current fire ban with the help of the map placed on the websites and The map is automatically updated every day from 0 a.m. to 1 p.m., so it always shows the fire bans in effect on that day. In addition to the “daily summaries”, an interactive fire ban map is also available to those interested, which can be used to accurately identify the forest areas around their place of residence.

With just a second of attention, we can prevent weeks of firefighting and decades of recovery.