Herczig Motorsport: We are racing for the first time in the Mecsek

június 25, 2021

Patrik Herczig and Viktor Bán missed the Salgó Rally, but they will be there on the podium at the 54th Mecsek Rally. The Ford Fiesta Rally4 is complete and the pair are motivated to look forward to the fourth round of the championship.

“I have never competed in the Mecsek. This race was missed last year, but in many ways I look forward to the weekend. Unfortunately it was a long miss, so it will be good to sit in the car again, but I am also looking forward to the race because I have been to the Mecsek Rallye many times as a spectator. When even my fathers competed at home, we came to watch the race even after that, and I always liked it very much, ”said Patrik Herczig.

At the Mecsek Rallye, 10 speed sections must be completed, with a total length of 137 kilometers and a total distance of 506 kilometers. Although Patrik Herczig has not yet competed in the Mecsek Rally, he knows his speed not only from video recordings.

“Dad had taken it over to the speedway before, and when we decided I was going to rally, we still came to Baranya and practiced itiner writing here. I really like the speed of the Árpádtető, it’s a great track. Pécs is also very beautiful, Viktor lives here, so it is also a kind of home course for us. Lake Orfű is also beautiful, the Mecsek is also wonderful, so overall I am really looking forward to the race, ”said Patrik, who also said that after a month-long absence, they are preparing for the race with a test.

“The car is just getting ready for Wednesday’s test. We will practice where we tested it earlier this year. The test is also important because after the Eger-Ózd Rally I have to be confident again. I’m not worried about it, but I definitely need a few miles to pick up the rhythm. ”

The heatwave is raging in the week before the race, and according to the current forecast, it will be so on both Friday and Saturday. Although Patrik Herczig is becoming more and more friends with the rain, he still doesn’t mind having to get to know the Mecsek on dry asphalt.

“It looks like there will be dry conditions and I’m happy about that now. I want a clean, calm race where the most important thing again will be to get to the finish line. We will start in the dark on Friday, I hope everything will be fine with the lights now and we will be able to drive one night at a time. On Saturday, the heatwave could be a big challenge, but I’m not worried about that. I always withstood the heat well, it can’t shock me, the cold tortures me more because I don’t like to catch a cold, ”Patrik told me.

The RC4 category, as always, will be hellishly strong now, but at last year’s Rally Hungary, the riders of Herczig Motorsport have already shown that they are capable of winning. The primary goal now will be to gain experience and stand on the finish podium, but if all goes well, the pair may even surprise again at the Mecsek Rally.