Friday night reports from the Historic field

június 25, 2021

Lucio Da Zanche-Matteo Nobili (Porsche Carrera SC RS): We were a little surprised by the rain, we didn’t miss it at all! But circumstances have changed for everyone, and I think we went well nonetheless. However, the windshield was very foggy, we could barely see anything. We hope for a better time tomorrow, we will go full throttle!

“Zippo” -Denis Piceno (Audi Quattro): We went pretty slowly, the road was very muddy and wet. I feel like the real race starts tomorrow. Based on today’s performance, I think we’re going to do very well. Everything went well today, and tomorrow we will give it our all.


Karl Wagner-Gerda Zauner (Porsche 911): The engine did not work properly on the first speed stage, there was a problem with the ignition. We left quite a few seconds inside the fast, but we’re second compared to that, which is a good result. The second fast went much better because there was no problem with the engine and the right tires were upstairs. We hope we perform better tomorrow!


Vojtech Stajf-Vladimir Zelinka (Opel Kadett GT / E): We walked the tracks in high heat for three days, but today we had a heavy rain before the start. We put on the wet tires, but it made it harder for us to lose one of the wiper blades, even before the first stage. Regardless, we performed flawlessly. On the second stage, it was raining, 2-3 centimeters of water was standing on the road, so we went modestly so that the car would not float up. Johnsen and I are very close to each other, but they have a stronger car, so we expect a big battle tomorrow.

Ferenc Wirtmann- József Kerekes (Ford Escort RS): So far everything was fine, we were expecting the rain, we put on the water tires before the start. We also lead quite a bit in the Hungarian Championship and the Mitropa Cup, I hope we can continue the same tomorrow.