A hot race awaits the Østbergs with the Citroën C3 Rally2

június 25, 2021

The traditional Pécs race, the Mecsek Rally, will be held on the hottest weekend of this year, where Mads Østberg and his navigator, Torstein Eriksen, who will be forced to miss the previous championship race due to a World Championship score, will continue to perform in the Hungarian Rally Championship. For the Citroën Rally Team Hungary duo, as in all Hungarian races, everything is new here, but the popular Norwegian driver feels very good and is happy to be able to race in front of a Hungarian audience again.

Before the fourth championship race of the Hungarian Rally Championship, last year’s WRC2 world champion Mads Østberg and Torstein Eriksen tested in Bakony with the Tagai Racing Technology team. The Norwegians can have two gravel World Cup races behind them, proving in both races that they can fight for every single point and being able to stand on the podium in both races.

After the Bakony test, when the northern couple were asked about the expected heat, the boys replied with a smile: „It was warm in Sardinia, too, even the dust added to it…”

The Madsék took pictures of the unknown tracks with internal recordings on the Internet, and before the track, the pilot said that he would definitely like these sections better than his last speeds in Eger. “We have good feelings before the race. These tracks are really cool based on the videos. The test went well, we can work with the Tagai Racing Technology team in a good mood. ”

The 54th Mecsek Rally is not only a domestic championship race, but also a part of the Historic Eb and the international Mitropa Rally Cup. Accordingly, in addition to the most modern rally cars, those interested can also see classic racing cars and international drivers in Pécs. The program includes a field trip on Thursday, a start ceremony on Friday and an evening speed stage, and on Saturday, the finish podium will be set up in Széchenyi Square in downtown Pécs, completing nine speeds.

The Citroën Rally Team Hungary was impressed by the downtown of the Mediterranean county seat. “What a beautiful place this is! We already love Pécs! I feel like we have a very good weekend here! ” Mads said.

The team awaits the fans with signature cards and posters during the race in the service park set up at the EXPO Center in Pécs and wishes everyone good support along the tracks!

photo: DuEn