Norbert Herczig will also be here in the Mecsek

június 24, 2021

In the name of sustainability, a fleet of electric cars will be presented at the Mecsek Rally. The green license plates Skodas will be seen on the podium and in front of some special stages, one of the cars will be driven by Norbert Herczig.

“Sustainability and the environment cannot be avoided in the 21st century. To that end, we are trying to innovate at the 54th Mecsek Rally. We organized an e-car fleet, which runs twice in front of the field on the Árpádtető speed section. With this we try to demonstrate that sustainability is important to us, and we also expect that in a few years their electric rally cars will be able to appear in the Mecsek Mountains, ”concluded Miklós Bernáth, Deputy CEO of PSN Zrt.

The organization went easier than expected, Porsche Hungaria provides the green-order Skoda fleet that will be visible in the race.

“At first they were surprised that we came up with such an idea, but they immediately said yes to the request. We have already addressed several others, and according to our plans, this idea will be more emphasized at the Mecsek Rally every year, ”added Miklós Bernáth. “Pécs is also a Green City, and here is the Mecsek, which is a unique natural wonder that we try to preserve. It is in line with this concept that quieter vehicles will appear on the tracks among the rally cars. ”

Norbert Herczig will drive this one electric Skoda. The four-time Hungarian champion, in the opening race of the ERC over the weekend, finished fifth in the Polish Rally with a Skoda Fabia, and also won the Mecsek Rally with the brand three times. Now he’s getting a new experience, he hasn’t gone through with an electric car yet.

“It will definitely be a special experience. Of course, we are not driving at a competitive pace, now the goal is to show the future, and that these cars are no longer just the primary terrain of the city, we can start driving them for longer distances. ” Said Norbert Herczig.

The rally and engine sound are close together, many fans have their hair burning with the thought of sharp-sounding racing cars going on the tracks.

“That’s understandable, it would be weird for me too if I could hear Ramón in the Skoda Fabia R5 evo without a helmet mic, but maybe it’s too early to worry about that. Now we want to draw attention to paying attention to the environment. There are countless ways to do this, one might even be that we travel by electric vehicle to the race. But if we just get the idea to as many fans as possible and they pay even more attention to nature, where the special stages are designated, we have already done a lot for the rally, ”said Norbert Herczig. “In the field of racing car technology, the future is definitely electricity. The WRC will be competing with hybrid cars from 2022, these Rally1 cars are already being tested by the teams, experience is being gained. We have already taken the first step. But I can also mention the Dakar, where Audi has contracted world stars for its hybrid race cars. ”

photo: SKODA Rally Team Hungária