Gergő Szauer will also be at the Mecsek Rally

június 13, 2021

More than 10 years ago, his racing career started in a slalom competition, he won Lada cups and sprint races, and won several categories at MARB. They did not succeed in the 2017 and 2019 Mecsek Rallys, neither of them reached the finish line. So far this year, they have started a race with István Kerék at the Salgó Rally, where they won with a half-minute advantage with the Rally4 Peugeot 208.

The defining experience of Gergő Szauer’s life since childhood is the Mecsek Rally and István Jelen:

„My father and I went to the races, we went to the prologue or the service park, there was always the unmistakable huge bearded István Jelen.
He walked up and down and kept organizing, even though there seemed to be no rally without him. Its name is inextricably intertwined with the Mecsek Rally. „

Gergő loves not only the rally but Mecsek and Pécs too:

„My father was born here, I’ve been here a lot since I was a child, I cling to the city and the area, I lived in several places, but I feel at home here. The Mecsek Mountains are my mountain. Pécs is a beautiful Mediterranean city.”

Gergő Szauer is very much looking forward to the 54th Mecsek Rally, as his last start in 2019 was too short.

„Then I dropped out the on first fast, so I miss it a lot, I don’t have any expectations, it’s just that we feel good. We’re going to race, so we’re aiming for the best place, first place. We don’t have tactics yet, since I haven’t seen the tracks yet: we want to go through to the best of our ability. By the way, the Mecsek tracks are always my favorite, which I’m standing at the start. „

The pilot plans to start in the next races as well, but emphasizes that certain is only what has already happened.